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"Being yourself is the best possible way to honour God. By being who you were created to be, you’re acknowledging God’s good work in you. You’re honouring His creating hands."
-(via hisdivinelove)
When my ex boyfriend claims that he’s changed



sillstaw: Buzz

Buzz:Your favourite fantasy world (aka Harry Potter, Star Wars), if any. 

Well that’s not even a fair question! Uh can it be a tie with Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Doctor Who?

His Mom Cancelled the Abortion Appointment, Now He’s Becoming a Priest


/In a matter of months, Rev. Mr. Ryan Allan Kaup will kneel down in the sanctuary of that Cathedral in Lincoln and offer his “yes” to God. I can’t help but think of his birth-mother whom he has never met. Does she know just how important her own “yes” of twenty-six years ago is?/